I am a Ruby Developer with a desire to learn many languages.

Having spent last year studying Japanese at SOAS[1] I am now embarking on a journey to learn Korean.

Why Korean?

After travelling around East Asia I have developed a fascination with East Asia especially Japan and South Korea.

Although I plan to visit South Korea this summer the main motivation for me is simple curiosity. Whenever I see anything written in Hangul(the Korean writing system) I have a desire to decipher the meanings of each character.

text written in Hangul

Why am I writing a blog?

Although a large part of my job involves written communication I still find it extremely difficult to write and the thought of writing a blog terrifies me.

Like many other people I find it very difficult to stick with things.

This is an experiment more than anything to see whether reflecting on each week will re-enforce what I have learnt and ultimately whether I can improve my confidence when it comes to writing.

How will this blog work?

The intension is to provide regular updates. These updates will give me the opportunity to consolidate my learnings from each week, highlight interesting parts of the language and share any useful resources I have come across.

What resources am I going to be using?

Although with previous attempts to learn Japanese I have gone down the route of night classes, for Korean I have decided against this (for now).

I believe that the face to face experience you get as part of studying in a class gives you is invaluable, however I am interested in seeing how far I can get using other methods.

I am primarily going to be working through ‘Integrated Korean - Beginning 1’ [3]. In order to develop my listening comprehension I will be using ‘Korean Class 101’ [4]. For expanding and re-enforcing vocabulary I will be using ‘Memrise’ [5].

This is going to be a long journey, however I believe it will be worth it.

I’ll let you know how I get on.